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Sligo Taxi will find you a suitable taxi for your journey from a large pool of fully licenced Taxi service providers from Sligo-Leitrim area. All taxis are strictly regulated by the Irish Taxi Regulator.
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avoid sleep deprivationDid you know that just after 15 hours on wakefulness you are about to become sleep deprived and driving becomes as dangerous as drink driving.
Plan your journey ahead and let someone else do the driving - email us to book a taxi.


How much does taxi cost?

There are Standard, Premium or Special Premium rates to calculate taxi cost. This depends on few factors e.g.

  • What time (day/night) do you intend to take your taxi?
  • Is it Bank Holiday?
  • How long is your journey?
  • How heavy is the traffic in the area at the time?
  • How many people are travelling?

The best way to find out your taxi cost is to ask for an estimate by contacting Sligo Taxi via email.

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Does pre-booking cost?

Taxis can charge €2 booking fee for pre-booking, find out more here

Regular pick-ups

We advise you to contact us by email about your regular trips and get a quote.

I am visiting Sligo/Leitrim area; can I pre-book my taxi in advance?

Of course you can, it’s always wise to ask for a quote for your trips and have a taxi booked in advance.

Can I pay by credit card for my journey?

Most Sligo Taxis accept credit cards but always confirm this with the taxi driver first.

Can I have taxi at 2 am?

You can have a taxi at 2am but to avoid long waiting time it is advisable to book Sligo Taxi in advance.

Other Sligo Travel options


    These are the main Bus Eireann routes that go from Sligo and to Sligo
  • Galway - Ireland West Airport (Knock) - Collooney - Sligo - Bundoran - Donegal - Letterkenny - Derry
  • Dublin Airport - Dublin - Mullingar - Longford - Carrick-on-shannon - Collooney - Sligo
  • See timetables


Irish Rail operates between Sligo-Dublin, see timetables

Things to do in Sligo

Sligo and Leitrim area is full of surprises and you can always find something interesting to do. Activities range from cliff walks, hiking, kayaking, horse riding, discovering Irish history, religion or food and drink culture. Tripadvisor offers valuable feedback from Sligo’s actual visitors and helps you choose the right activity just for you.

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